Last week, we conducted a C1 Joint Staff Training in Sopuerta, Spain. The purpose of it was to explore the effective use of virtual reality (VR) technology for educational purposes. Throughout the training event, we gained practical experience and knowledge that will enable us to seamlessly integrate VR into our teaching methodologies.

During the training, we visited Ludus Global, a company specializing in VR-based education for the healthcare, safety, and environment (HSE) sectors. They provided us with a comprehensive tour, introducing us to their work in HSE education and showcasing one of their educational products for firefighting. This demonstration highlighted the impressive capabilities of VR in facilitating realistic and engaging safety simulations.

The next day, we visited the Vocational Education and Training Center (VET) Somorrostro, where we were given a complete tour of their facilities. We observed their virtual reality learning room, equipped with VR headsets, and explored a room featuring 360-degree video projection technology and “interactive tables.” These tables allowed file sharing and displayed content on surrounding walls using motion sensors. Users could manipulate and resize the projected windows on the walls using remote gestures. Finally, we were provided with an overview of the educational units they developed.

On the third and final day, our hosting partners, Centro San Viator graciously allowed us to familiarize ourselves with their facilities. We received detailed presentations on the remaining units and engaged in discussions about future plans following the educational activity.

Reflecting on the C1 activity, we gained invaluable experience immersing ourselves in the realm of education using virtual reality. We are eager to incorporate the knowledge and skills acquired during this training into our project.

Virtual reality represents an innovative breakthrough in fostering creativity and engagement in the field of learning and we are thrilled to harness its potential to enhance the educational journey of students and learners.

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