A recent article on the EPALE platform spotlighted our innovative CT:VR (Creative Teaching through Virtual Reality) project. This initiative emerges as a timely response to the digital transformation reshaping education.

Having our CT:VR project and its innovations highlighted on the EPALE platform is a valuable opportunity to expand its reach and impact within the European adult education landscape. EPALE, the Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe, operates under the auspices of the European Commission and has become a key hub connecting adult learning practitioners and policymakers across Europe. With its extensive member network, interactive forums, and multi-language support, EPALE can greatly amplify awareness of cutting-edge initiatives like the CTVR project.

Recognition on EPALE validates the project’s methodologies and signals its alignment with broader strategic priorities in European adult education. It also enables sharing of the project’s outputs and resources with stakeholders across EU member states. Overall, being featured on EPALE can drive engagement, collaboration and endorsement of the CTVR project from influential actors in the adult education sphere. The heightened visibility and credibility from EPALE’s recognition will help accelerate the project’s goal of transforming adult learning through innovative pedagogies and technologies.

Our CT:VR project exemplifies the immense potential of technology-enabled adult education to empower learners in our digital world. As highlighted in the EPALE article, CTVR taps into virtual reality and digital tools to make learning more inclusive, interactive, and adaptable. Projects like CTVR are vitally important to drive progress in adult pedagogies. With EPALE’s far-reaching platform recognizing these pioneering initiatives, the stage is set for accelerated growth and impact. The future is bright for adult education in Europe and beyond.

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