Creative Teaching : Virtual Reality (CT : VR) is here to revolutionize adult education and chew bubble gum; and it’s all out of bubble gum.

You might wonder what CT : VR is, means, and what its intentions are. Simply put, it is the child of certain people who decided to re-shape and transform adult education, and open paths to worlds unknown. It was inspired by identifying a need; that of discarding old and tired didactic practices and at the same time introduce digital tools and methodologies, not only to assist in developing distant education paths, but also to change the way we perceive learning in general.

As of that, we are standing in front of a beautiful and rather exciting educational transformation: Virtual Reality offers itself over to the hands of educational institutions, and imagine the possibilities. Doctors and surgeons, mechanical engineers, physicians, all kinds of sciences and working subjects training on real-time, doing the real thing, without the practical dangers of failing. Not only yesterday’s educational ways, that by today’s standards are considered to be non-efficient, are discarded, but Creative Teaching : Virtual Reality allows learners and educators alike to create the education of the future.

The Project Results

Through-out the project and its activities, the partners will work on and produce the following:

  • Research of VR tools and methodologies in adult education

An in-depth research of comprehensive materials, tools and best practices from the field of virtual and/or augmented reality in education. The research will lead to an overall report, based on National reports issued by the project partners, in order to present VR/AR tools and innovative methods that can be applied in adult education.

  • CT : VR Curricula

The CT:VR Curricula will be digitally published, and it will consist of a list of procedures and methodologies regarding VR implementation on 3 levels: organizational, teacher/mentor, participant. It will act as a guideline on possibilities of different implementations and as a tutorial for future use by organizations or teachers. Creative distant learning education methods will be put into action, such as storytelling, script writing and artistic approaches, thus improving teachers and educators’ digital skills. Teachers will also acquire skills on creating new teaching modules.

  • CT : VR Guidelines with video tutorials

Project partners will collect and evaluate good practice examples of VR/AR implementation on all levels of educational organizations, with a focus on adult education. A research will be conducted on good practices, gathering knowledge and information from organizations and websites that are already using VR as part of their educational Curricula. The results of the research will be published on the CT:VR platform. The Guidelines will serve as learning material at first, encouraging the involvement of educational organizations, by offering an overview of VR/AR advantages. The CT : VR platform, which will include guidelines with videos, links, pictures, and other interactive material, will be offered as open-source to interested stakeholders.

The Target Groups of the Project

Who is the project aiming at, and which are the people considered as target groups? The answer is everybody, it is crucial that everybody is aware of such a project, and the revolution in education it brings with it. The target groups to be actively involved in the project’s activities, are the following:


  • Adult educators
  • Associations for adult education
  • Professionals/experts in adult education
  • Mentors
  • Lifelong learning teachers


  • Adult learners
  • Participants in lifeong learning activities
  • Stakeholders (adult education organizations, representatives of social partners, representatives of professionals of the educational chain, cultural institutions, etc.)

The Partnership

The amazing people working on Creative Teaching come from 4 different countries, from the following organizations:

  1. Centro San Viator – Spain
  2. Public University of Ptuj – Slovenia
  3. – Greece
  4. University for Adult Education of Murska Sobota – Slovenia
  5. Greta du Velay – France

Stay near, more’s on the way!

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