Pattern City

Type of document: Good practice example

Country of origin: Slovenia

Issuing body/Authors:; Mestna Občina Velenje in LU Velenje

CT: VR FOCUS: Non-formal education

Short description

Pattern.City is an ecosystem for education, experimentation, prototyping and innovation. This unique, interactive environment is focused on providing interdisciplinary content with learning by doing and playful learning methodologies. Pattern City functions as a knowledge intersection and innovation generator for Smart City stakeholders.

Education and Edutainment

What they do is developing methodology for interdisciplinary and Transmedia Storytelling. They find correlations between various syllabuses and combine them into stories that are attractive for learning. Within 700m2 of open space, they build thematic interactive ambients and installations where all the magic of problem solving, critical thinking and DIY happens.

Digital Transformation and Digital Literacy

Understanding and using new technologies is at the heart of PatternCity that stimulates knowledge and experience flow between stakeholders in the Knowledge triangle. On a strategic level PatternCity is working with Ministries, education institutions and on another side with industry clusters and industrial innovation partnerships as well with specific companies. They provide insight into the age of Digital transformation and Industry 4.0, developing new skills and competences for the 21st century.


EON Reality – EON XR

EON Reality is a world leader in providing online AR/VR platform for education and training. EON XR platform is a gamechanger since it is device agnostic, SaaS, users don’t need knowledge in programming and provides meetings in virtual or mixed reality space. PatternCity is a holder of licenses for national space of Slovenia.”

Pattern.City provides research and development of interactive education experiences and tools. Concept creation and storytelling for your project or complete strategy for the development of new products or services. Pattern.City provides also training for EON XR platform and creation of the content, you can buy the licences for EON XR as well.

They developet interacitve education settings and tools for schools, museums, experiment houses, escape rooms… Development of exhibition stands with design and content. Education, training, development and execution of the projects for Digital Literacy, Digital Transformation, Smart Cities, Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0.


Elements of innovation:

They provide research and development of interactive education experiences and tools for VR learning and comunication.


Target groups

  • Anyone interested in VR/AR technologies