The Surgeon.


-Lancet please.


-There you go doctor.

-Checking the patient’s pulse, and…everything seems to be normal, doctor you can procced.

-Needle, please.


-Right, um, doc, we seem to be losing some blood here, the patient’s pulse is going up, we are currently at 110 ppm…

-Lancet, please.

-Um. Mr. Smith, the patient seems to be in shock, the bleeding needs to stop now!

-Needle and stiches, please! PLEASE!




The Mechanic.

-Right so, Mr. Anderson, we are aware of the “amount of work you have to do”, but please understand that the ship will set sail in less than a month.

-As I told you, I am working on the engine as we speak, as in literally, you being on the line right now is taking organic time of me fixing the damn thing!


-Right so, the chips seem burnt, the power cables need to be insulated, and some totally replaced; talking about some fiddly work right here.


The Archeologist

-Dozer, for the last time man, we are stepping on thousands of years of history, could you just not run around like a basketball player?

-Ok, right, Jesus, I’m sorry!

-Come on then, we have to get on with revealing the sarcophagus. Pass me the thin brush, please.

-Thin brush, there you go.

-The chisel, please.

-Chisel, right, there you…oh Morpheus…would you look at that now mate?!

-Extraordinary, isn’t it?

-Surely is, just make sure you watch out with these tools of yours, wouldn’t want to damage it now!

-Dozer, instead of giving me orders, please hop in the sarcophagus and never come out, will you?!


New Ways

Virtual Reality has made a return during the past decade, beginning with entertainment, becoming a must in museums and Institutions in general, and now aiming for the core of our societies: education.

Identifying the issues that are becoming more common as the years pass, and especially showing during the Covid era, a need rose. It was that of a more holistic education, which embraces innovative practices, as well as digital tools, often combining the old ways with new approaches, in order to develop fresh and inclusive teaching and learning methodologies. It was not only Covid however, as the 2 years that passed, are not to be seen as an excuse. It is a fact that education, as an living organism, including students, educators, and experts, always seeks innovation, the methods that will take things to the next level, sometimes combining them with more traditional practices, others dropping them completely.


Talking About Change

The above dialogues are not random. Yes, storytelling is a rather interesting activity, but in our case, things are a bit more particular. Here, we are looking at three completely separate scenarios, where the protagonists have to take decisions on the go, often critical ones, for the wellbeing of another person, or the result of the given situation. A surgeon holding a patient’s life in their hands, a mechanic working with heavy machinery, an archeologist recovering relics, worth of thousands of years’ time.

Now imagine 3 students, of universities teaching the above mentioned professions, to be able to practice through Virtual Reality. A fully interactive environment, with everything they would face during a real situation, all the results and outcomes that would come up by a wrong decision, or a bad moment, with only one thing missing: the risk. And although risk, is a part of the particular professions, students would have the chance to work on such an environment, witness cause and effect, alternatives, and ways to alter the result.

A surgeon can approach a situation however they see fit, becoming fully engaged by the process, not having to worry however regarding a wrong move, as the result is not harmful. The mechanic can meddle with complicated machines, work with cables, try different combinations, and still not worry about damaging the thing. In the same way as an archeologist is able to practice the recovering of an ancient relic, try their different tools, understand how and why an approach is better that the other, depending on the situation.



Endless Possibilities

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Virtual field trips, which, depending on the subject, can be used in different manners. Historical monuments, giving the student the option to explore the surroundings, wild nature environments for geology students to come in contact with special geologies, and the list never ends. Virtual Reality, along with Augmented Reality, form digital tools, which combined with education, provide a world of endless possibilities.


The World Of Creative Teaching : Virtual Reality

CT : VR has arrived, not to completely change educational practices, but to offer a path towards a more inclusive, innovative, and holistic adult education. It does not plan on abandoning traditional educational ways, but rather combine them with the digital tools of Virtual Reality, thus bringing today, the Education of the Future.

In this manner, CT : VR aims at implementing virtual classrooms in adult education, while at the same time, giving students the opportunity to experience a variety of subjects through the eyes of Virtual Reality.


Explore the Education of the Future, through the eyes of Virtual Reality!


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