Type of document: VR / AR tool

Country of origin: Slovenia

Issuing body/Authors: VIAR d.o.o., Celje

CT: VR FOCUS: VR / AR support

Short description

Viar360 is REWO’s visual digitization platform that can improve the capture and communication of knowledge within companies. REWO is a visual digitization platform that drastically improves the capture and communication of knowledge within the enterprise ecosystem. REWO allows users to easily and efficiently retain domain knowledge in the company and successfully transfer it to new employees. Thus, it serves as a kind of virtual mentor and ensures the transfer of knowledge between generations. The platform performs quite complex processes in the background (e.g. object recognition in the video), but from the user’s point of view, everything is quite simply designed. The recording is then enriched with added indicators and divided into meaningful steps. Such visual instructions are then stored in the company’s library. All employees can access the library, so “the next time there is a breakdown, even a less experienced maintainer can take care of fixing it, as he just has to follow the steps”. If an unknown problem occurs, employees can also connect remotely and thus visually guide each other through diagnostics and troubleshooting at work.

REWO was developed with fast-growing manufacturing companies in mind, but is applicable anywhere companies want to preserve the knowledge of departing employees for future generations. It is especially useful for companies that have complex procedures and work instructions or extensive infrastructure or machinery. Currently in Slovenia, they cooperate with companies such as Kolektor, Gorenje, HELLA Saturnus and Odelo and some smaller companies. In addition to companies from the manufacturing industry, the virtual mentor can also be used to advantage by energy and telecommunications companies that have to take care of extensive infrastructure in the field. From the very beginning, they worked with end users, who showed them in practice how we need to develop a product so that it will be useful for them. Therefore, instead of a wide range of advanced functions, they decided primarily on ease of use. They realized that it must work on existing hardware in the company (tablets, computers, terminals) as well as on smart glasses.

Elements of innovation:

REWO is a plug & play end-to-end video SOP and WI platform that transfers knowledge up to 12x faster than traditional documentation methods. REWO drastically improves capturing, visualizing and communicating knowledge to anyone within the company’s ecosystem.


Target groups

  • Employees