Our partners at the University for Adult Education Murska Sobota, they strive to provide dynamic learning experiences that engage students and help them thrive. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that now they offer virtual reality (VR) enhanced lessons in their computer courses including CT:VR materials and results.

Students who enroll in our upcoming introductory or continuing computer courses will get to try out cutting-edge VR-based educational tools and software first-hand. By blending these immersive simulations and virtual environments into the curriculum, learners can boost their computer literacy in a more impactful, practical and exciting way.

The hands-on computer courses allow students to master essential digital skills from spreadsheets to coding, now with the added benefit of experiencing VR applications. Students can practice navigating 3D interfaces, engaging with simulated environments and even collaborating together in a shared virtual space.

The courses make learning fun and accessible to all levels of computer experience. For those newer to technology, VR visualizations build confidence with digital interfaces at their own pace without pressure. For more advanced students, VR unlocks new challenges to test their skills.

At the University for Adult Education Murska Sobota, they invest in innovative resources that best serve student learning outcomes and set learners up for future success. By integrating VR into upcoming computer courses, we’re excited to remain pioneers in adult education while allowing students to skill up with invaluable hands-on practice to experience the virtual future of engaged, impactful learning!

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