CT:VR – A New Era of Teaching and Learning


Before the Internet and the use of IT technology, things that seem now simple were unimaginable. Long time ago, the thought of talking to someone live and being in the same room in real time, but in two different locations, seemed impossible. Today, information as a whole is only two clicks away from us, which enables us to do great things, which of course also includes distance learning and teaching. We call this kind of teaching and learning virtual and it has brought many advantages to our life.


The times in which we live in during the last few years have forced us to completely abandon traditional teaching and replace it with a virtual one. I dare to say that it has been shown that in modern times, virtual teaching can compete with traditional teaching in the classroom. But we must not forget that the best option is to use both teaching methods, traditional and modern.


In connection with creative learning (CT) and virtual reality (VR), the use of computer modeling and simulations opens up new dimensions of teaching and interaction with an artificial three-dimensional, or other, environment. A computer generated environment simulates reality using interactive devices such as glasses, headphones, gloves, or body suits, that send and receive information.


Virtual teaching also has many other advantages:

  • Learning with a completely flexible schedule because it adapts to our needs and commitments.
  • There is greater cooperation and solidarity between learners, because when we find ourselves struggling with learning difficulties, a group of virtual colleagues can help us learn and solve problems.
  • Virtual space are often utilized, where learning resources are available: notes, forum, chat with teachers, e-mails, videos.

We can conclude with the thought that virtual teaching and learning has become global and along with that, it comes with many benefits to our lives. However, face-to-face learning and teaching are not to be abandoned, but combined and become one with virtual teaching.

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