It is just the end of February, and it already smells like Spring. The sun is shining and the temperature is up, not something really unusual for the time, but certainly and constantly reminding us how screwed we are if do not take action for the climate ASAP. The partners had arrived from Spain, France, and Slovenia, ready and willing for the 2nd Transnational Meeting of CT : VR!


The 1st Day

We definitely needed some time to catch up, and for some of us, get to meet. It was, you see, the first time of some of the partners meeting each other, after months of online communication and co-existence. So, the first few minutes were exactly that. We had the first coffee of the day, wand did not need more than a few minutes to further strengthen our bond. After we all felt comfortable and caffeinated, it was time to begin.

There was a bit less than a year between the Kick – Off Meeting in Bilbao, and our 2nd current meeting; so, we had quite a few things to discuss, as the project has been running for good. We assessed the current state of the project, and right after we jumped on the ‘Research of VR tools and methodologies for teachers in Adult Education’, that the partnership has carried out on a national level. Then, it was the turn of the Curriculum. Now that is interesting. An educational course examining ‘Adult Education and Distant Learning with VR/AR’, the ‘Implementation of VR/AR for teachers’, the ‘Usability of VR/AR for Raising Skills’, and ‘VR/AR Implementation in classroom’.

The 1st day of the meeting closed only after the ‘CT : VR Guidelines with Video Tutorials’ were thoroughly discussed. As part of the guidelines, video tutorials shall be developed, which will guide adult educators on using VR and AR tools in their classes.


The 2nd Day

With the will and self-confidence that the productive and effective meeting of the 1st day gifted us with, we entered the 2nd day. After a wonderful social dinner, everybody was much more relaxed. After we summed up the meeting of the previous day, we took a deep dive into the Website, which is now in its final form. From the translations and the available materials, the articles uploaded so that interested stakeholders can keep up with the project’s news, and of course the aesthetic of the webpage, partners went through everything in order to make sure that everything is as it should be.

The Website is of course an important aspect of the project, but it is not just that; the Facebook account was also examined in order to make sure that it serves the cause of informing the target groups about the project’s progress. Some essential management and economic procedures, timesheets, and reports. Behind the scenes things, not visible to the user’s naked eye. After that was also out of the way, we finalized the work plan of what is to follow, and how it is going to be accomplished. The meeting closed with the reassurance that all participant partners are on track, and all upcoming activities are clear.


Where To Next?

The Patras Meeting was a blast! The meeting was productive and effective, the food was excellent, the laughs were good – much more than that actually – and the partnership’s bond just got a lot more stronger. To the next one!



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