Electrical substation maintenance safety training

Type of document: Good practice example

Country of origin: Spain

Issuing body/Authors: Virtual ware Co for Viesgo

CT: VR FOCUS: Formal education

Short description

Viesgo is a key player in Spain’s energy transition, with more than 31.300 Km network and 1.400 MW energy generation, based on a balanced mix made up of wind farms and mini-hydraulic plants that produce clean, renewable energy, and thermal power plants, including the Los Barrios plant, the most efficient in Spain and one of the most efficient in Europe.

Viesgo’s main challenges are to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance and performance processes in the network’s physical assets. To this end, the company has opted for training based on virtual reality, training carried out in a safe environment and without generating energy consumption associated with manoeuvres in medium and high voltage electrical substations.

Virtualware has designed and developed a safety training platform that allows full immersion in an electrical substation. So far, it is also possible to train the following manoeuvres of grounding and commissioning: power transformers at 55KV/12KV, 55kV line, 12kV line and 55 kV bars. These manoeuvres are the main ones in 24 substations of the network.

Virtual manoeuvres can be performed as often as liked, guided or free, anywhere      using just a PC or in the training centre, through VR devices, in a fully immersive way. In addition, all the sessions and results are recorded automatically in the HR monitoring tool.

  • 90% Time reduction (from 8 hours to 45 minutes)
  • 75% Improvement in confidence, when performing manoeuvres
  • 100% Risk reduction during training
  • Winners at Enertic Award Cognitive Services


Target groups

  • Energy and electric business