Viral Skills project

Type of document: Curricula / VR Curricula

Country of origin: Slovenia

Issuing body/Authors: Erasmus + project, Partnership of Viral Skills project

CT: VR FOCUS: VR / AR support, Adult education, Open source

Short description

The partnership of the Viral Skills project aims at bringing the digital era of innovation to the adult education sector. They want to foster necessary skills of adult educators that allow them to integrate Virtual Reality (VR) in their training offers and make the use of Virtual Reality “viral”.

The Viral Skills project has developed a comprehensive suite of products that support adult educators in getting an overview what kind of VR hardware would be most suitable to their contexts and which free VR apps are on the market right now and can be utilized in an educational context.

The Viral Skills project is an international cooperation project funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission. Seven partners from six EU countries have worked together over a period of 2 years to achieve the results. The project has started in October 2018 and has finished in September 2020.

The results from the project are:

  • VR DIGEST is a comprehensive survey about the state of the art in Virtual Reality (VR). It includes a technical overview of various VR hardware systems including SWOT analyses (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats).
  • COMPENDIUM is a useful handbook for adult educators and managers on how to integrate VR in adult learning. This includes a technical introduction to VR, the pedagogic state of the art, a country comparison between the partner countries and international, a target group survey with adult educators, and a special focus on low-skilled and low-qualified adults.
  • VIRAL SKILLS E-THEK is a collection of free VR software app descriptions that suit the needs of adult learners, including apps suitable for low-skilled and low-qualified adults. It offers information about various apps from different VR software platforms.
  • VIRAL SKILLS TRAINING PROGRAMME covers 10 days of training and is divided into 5 days of guided face-to-face learning settings and 5 days of self-directed online learning with webinars.


Target groups

  • The Viral Skills project is addressed to anyone who is involved in adult education such as adult trainers, educators, and education managers in organizations for further education.


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