Metaverse education platforms or virtual schools are already there

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Metaverse was popularized in Autumn 2021 by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg when he explained to the world his vision for his company and rebranded the name of his company. Metaverse was coined in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash, where humans interacted with each other in avatar form within a three-dimensional virtual world.

Since metaverse offers an amazing platform for virtually interacting with each other from all around the world, and it ensures an immersive, detailed, social, and impartial way of imparting education, it opens new opportunities in the way learning happens. 

Students and teachers from anywhere can put on a VR headset or utilize their web browser to log in to a virtual space and communicate with others face-to-face.

The metaverse roadmap categorizes the metaverse into 4 types:

  • Augmented reality to add a smart environment (ex: Pokemon Go, Digital textbook,…)
  • Lifelogging to capture all information on people experience (Samsung Health, Facebook, Nuke Plus,…)
  • Mirror world integrate external information using GPS technology (Google Maps, Airbnb, …)
  • Virtual reality to build digital world and to develop any interactions (Second Life, Minecraft,…)


A few metaverse education platforms or virtual schools have been initiated:

Metaverse School

Metaverse School asserts that customization of the virtual classroom and the simulation of presence through avatars grants an immersive and realistic learning experience to students. Schools or tuition centers looking to offer browser-based web platforms for advanced learning can collaborate with Metaverse School and offerS at an affordable price to take your tuition to the next level.


CLASSV provides fast education services with web XR technology for:

Teachers, so that they can manage students, class statistics, class alarms, resources drive, and any other class information. Students can participate in class with PC, mobile, and VR HMD.

Metaverse Learning

Metaverse Learning is one of the leading providers of high quality, interactive and immersive content using VR and AR solutions.

The Optima Classical Academy

The Optima Classical Academy plan to have virtual classrooms with a wide variety of themes. Children will work from home or other suitable location and use VR headsets like the Oculus to participate in courses with synchronous or asynchronous learning with a classical sequence of education.


MEEMZ is a pioneering Metaverse-based education platform developed by MARVRUS, a Metaverse company specializing in XR/VR content, for children that provide users with an emotion-based user experience. MEEMZ is all about learning together.


Metamedics are creating a 3D virtual world for medical training where doctors and nurses can train from anywhere without any limitation. Doctors or medical students can enter a virtual world of medical simulation training where they would be able to practice procedures in a comfortable, instructional, and safe environment.

The metaverse is affecting the way in which education is imparted in many ways. Metaverse would allow to create customizable avatars. This will allow learners to interact with real objects and put theory into practice. Allowing learners to participate to the virtual classrooms helps keeping them more engaged in the learning process.

Elements of innovation:

Integrate learning in Virtual reality environment.


Target groups

  • School or training organizations interested by VR courses possibilities.


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